The Jerusalem-Melbourne Joint PhD (JM-JPhD) is an international research training group between The University of Melbourne, Australia, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


The JM-JPhD is an international research training group between the University of Melbourne (UoM) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). In the first cohort, six joint PhD candidates will be trained by three collaborative biomedical research teams. The successful candidates will spend at least a year at each institution over the course of their candidature and be eligible to graduate with a jointly awarded PhD recognised with a testamur from each University.


How to apply

Applicants for the Jerusalem-Melbourne Joint PhD (JM-JPhD) should:

  • Identify their project of interest
  • Contact all supervisors for the project and include:
    • Name, contact details
    • Joint PhD project of interest
    • Cover letter, CV and transcript
    • Any supporting documentation

Note: All applicants are required to meet the entry requirements for a PhD at both partner universities to be considered.

The successful candidates will be funded by either UoM or HUJI. This funding includes a full scholarship and mobility support. Eligible candidates for the Hirsh and Olga Taft Scholarship will be automatically considered.

Successful candidates for the UoM positions are expected to enrol by December 11, 2019.

Successful candidates for the HUJI positions are expected to commence by October 1, 2020.




Kilpatrick/Burstyn-Cohen: TAM Receptors and their ligands: Deciphering multiple roles In CNS development, homeostasis and Injury

kilpatrick/burstyn-cohen joint PhD projects


Prawer/Bar-Gill: Next generation technologies for imaging and sensing biological systems at the micron and sub-micron scale

Prawer/Bar-Gill joint PhD projects


Hogendoorn/Landau: Cognitive neuroscience of time perception, attention, and brain rhythms

Hogendoorn/Landau joint PhD Projects